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Policy for Granting Honorary Doctorates

FYSI Free Laboratory may grant an Honorary Doctor's Degree
to those who qualify.


The nature of an honorary doctorate

An honorary doctorate is the highest distinction that can be bestowed upon an individual by FYSI University. An honorary doctorate, as compared to an earned degree, is also based on merit. However, this merit is not necessarily strictly academic. The word "doctor" originally meant "teacher" (Latin doctor from the Hellenic didactor = teacher). An honorary doctor is a person who by her/his actions, deeds and behaviour teaches others, or contributes to teaching others, anything that is useful . Thus self-taught researchers, inventors, writers and innovators can earn the recognition they truly deserve.


The purpose of granting a doctorate honoris causa

  • It serves as a reward, a token of recognition to the recipient for her/his contribution to knowledge via (independent) studies, research, experimentation, discoveries, innovation, writing and acts in support thereof.
  • It encourages others to do the same.
  • It shows the community that the recipient is a person to be respected, to be taken seriously into account, to be given full attention.
  • It promotes harmonious relations between teacher and student in the broadest and truest sense of these last two words, it stimulates the former to keep on offering her/his good and useful services and the latter to appreciate that which is given.
  • It expresses gratitude towards a benefactor.


FYSI University, as a Laboratory of Free Studies and Research, as a non-profit institution dedicated to public service, in view of the absolute fact that knowledge is the key to happiness, to success and to the supreme good, i.e., FREEDOM, has as its foremost goal the spreading of knowledge. That can only be made possible through people willing to engage in research, to invent, to discover, to think independently and beyond the restrictions of prejudice, prefabricated views and opinions.

Ideally everyone should be a teacher and student at the same time. Ideally all people should try to earn the title of doctor (=teacher) instead of the meaningless Mrs., Miss, Ms or Mr..

Unlike other universities and institutes of research and learning, both private and public, which seemingly appear to have a tendency to discriminate in favour of the rich and famous, FYSI Free Laboratory has a simple motto: Give and thou shalt be given. -Therefore, FYSI Free Laboratory, indiscriminately, grant recognition by conferring an honorary doctorate to all those who contribute to the acquisition and spreading of knowledge.

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