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{Fysi = Nature.} Nature encompasses everything; in fact nature is everything, including its own negation. Nature is tender, just as much as it is cruel. Living beings and, more specifically, intelligent living beings, children of Nature and parts of her, may decide to avoid cruelty and to bring forth the tender aspect of Mother Nature.

The driving "force" for all intelligent life is Pleasure. The only cause any mind can understand. Seeking pleasure and avoiding discomfort. That's all there is to it. There is no higher wisdom. Wisdom itself is something people seek for it pleases them to doing so, while they feel uncomfortable not to satisfy their curiosity, their need for thought and, in general, any other "need."


What is  

FYSI stands for Friends of Youth Society International. FYSI UNIVERSITY is an international, ecological, non-profit academy aiming to promote freedom, science, knowledge and peaceful coexistence in a most harmonious fashion. FYSI UNIVERSITY is also a consumer protection association in the sense that it protects consumers from false science and therefore false products and services, as well as false beliefs.
It so happens that the interests of consumers fully coincide with those of the Laws of Nature. There can be no protection from bad products and bad services unless the causes thereof are taken into consideration. The behavior of human beings, the decisions they make, their choices and attitude are all but coincidental. They are the outcome of a multitude of factors, such as environment, biology, heredity, upbringing. All being part of Nature's processes. It is clear that specialization is for the ants and bees and that an intelligent person should know everything. It is also clear that a specialist is someone who knows much about little and strives to know more about less, until she/he knows everything about nothing (...)

In view of the above, human laws cannot address the problem effectively. For human laws are normative, i.e. they try to force or deter certain behaviors by threatening with punishment. A mentality belonging to the dark ages. Natural laws are descriptive, i.e., they describe how nature behaves. They do not force Nature to behave in any manner. They simply tell how it does behave.

The Assembly and Board of FYSI UNIVERSITY have understood that for any problem to be solved, there is a need for analysis and thinking, for research and investigation, for doubt and skepticism. Soon after a person reaches maturity of thought, after a long life full of experiences and education, there comes death due to physical deterioration of the body. Knowledge and experience are not easily transferred to descendants and the next generations. That is why history repeats itself and people have to, kind of, reinvent the wheel. So the immediate answer to this fundamental problem is to find ways to prolong our life span, to fight aging and, why not, reverse it.

Contemporary science does provide many interesting answers to the problem of life extension, anti-aging and age reversal. Financial interests, politics and profit stand, however, as an almost insurmountable obstacle. To this end, the Assembly of FYSI UNIVERSITY have unanimously decided to promote and support scientific research.

As a corner stone of its mission, FYSI UNIVERSITY focuses on practical means that extend a person's life span by preventing and reversing aging and its detrimental effects.

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