The so called "scientific method" is currently the most reliable approach to understanding reality. Commercial, political and other "interests" at times find a way to promote false science as genuine, as a means to wealth and power.

Reputed universities anywhere in the world are perfect targets of money and power motivated persons: Scientific research is costly. Funding of scientific research often depends on grants and donations from business companies and wealthy individuals who dictate their selfish terms.

Governments are anything but free from undue influences. Politics is the dirtiest of business. Tantamount to "organized crime". Throughout the world, democracy has been reduced to a facade. The terms "profitocracy" and "powerocracy" more closely describe reality.

The human race is divided in a minority of "shepherds" and a majority of  "cattle". Raising human beings as "cattle" is far more "profitable" than raising any other animals.

FYSI University exists because of the above reasons. As a counterweight. It's purpose is to question and expose as many as possible of the well established "facts" and separate them from falsities. "Follow the money trail" is a good method when choosing a subject to investigate.


Invitation to Research

We currently invite critical research in the following subjects:

1. "Motorcycle helmets, active and passive safety". The money trail leads to the huge profits of the manufacturers and to the political gains of the politicians who profit out of conditioning people to "believe" that the State "knows better" and is there to "protect" them.

2. "Safety of ordinary food oil". The money trail leads to huge profits of companies which sell food oils containing cholesterol with the "blessings" of the European Union.

3. "Mass produced chicken as food". The money trail leads to huge profits for the producers. A free grazing chicken needs six months to grow. A chicken farm raised chicken, only needs forty days.

4. "Hydrogenated fats as food". The money trail leads to huge profits for the manufacturers. Are hydrogenated oils safe to consume, or are they a cause for disease?

5. "Genetically manipulated crops". The money trail leads to huge profits for the chemical companies who now present themselves under the name "agricultural" companies. Does mother nature know better? Can a business company or anyone claim ownership of "improved" genomes? What is the impact on all others concerned and involved?

6. "Solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy -Suppression and defamation". The money trail leads to huge profits for the oil companies which, in fact, receive subsidies, preferential treatment and protection by corrupt governments.

FYSI UNIVERSITY is open to reasoned suggestions for research in any other subject.


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