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Merited Honorary Doctorates

substantive (merited) Honorary Doctorate Programme

  Non-limited-in-time offer. Obtain a legitimate doctor's degree based on merit. FYSI evaluates -and gives credit for- previous  formal or informal studies, cumulated practical experience and relevant activities. Support FYSI's research and information campaigns and you will be rightfully rewarded with an honorary doctorate provided you are prepared to submit an original dissertation, proof of relevant studies including practical experience. FYSI awards substantive Honorary Doctorates.

It will uplift Your social status and career! As a holder of an Honorary Doctorate You have the legal right to use "Doctor" before Your name!

YOUR Doctor Honoris Causa Degree, YOUR Honorary Doctorate, carries exactly the same title i.e., "Doctor" as a normal (earned) doctor's degree. As a matter of fact honorary doctorates awarder by FYSI are, in fact, earned degrees.  

State presidents, prime ministers, movie stars, kings and princes are awarded honorary doctorates since time immemorial. Honorary degrees are offered only to members of the nobility, to politicians and to the rich and famous and are, alas, in most cases, not based on knowledge or accomplishment in the specific field (e.g., an invention, a discovery, a book). For FYSI, expertise in the field is a prerequisite.

You can now  be the exception!

Now is the time for YOU, to get YOUR «Doctor Honoris Causa» degree -your Honorary Doctorate-. A spectacular boost to Your Prestige is certain. Just imagine checking into a hotel, not as a "Mr."/"Mrs."/"Miss" or "Ms" but, as a "Dr".... The way You will be treated is immensely different! Your life as a Doctor will change: It will get much easier, You will receive the amount of respect a Doctor deserves. You will also attract the attention of the opposite sex. The benefits are countless.

Whereas it is a fact that hundreds of traditional universities all over the world award Honorary Doctorates, it is also a fact that the standards, conditions and fees of their HONORARY DEGREE POLICIES are beyond reach for non celebrities. Self-taught people, people who have spent countless hours reading, experimenting, writing, inventing, searching, researching independently, persons with successful careers and tremendous practical experience have, so far, been "left behind". Unnoticed.

This is the exception!

FYSI  grants an Honorary Doctor's degree to NEARLY everyone who is willing to prepare and submit an original dissertation and provide proof of relevant studies and practical experience. FYSI awards honorary doctorates on the basis of academic merit, including practical experience, rather than pure fame and reputation.

The procedure is simple:
Science is certainly not a religion and universities are definitely no places of worship. If You truly posses scientific knowledge in any field, it makes no difference how you acquired this knowledge. Write us a letter and explain us in detail Your particular situation. We can evaluate Your qualifications and award credit towards an honorary doctorate. The examiner's fees are moderate, for FYSI is non-profit. FYSI's honorary doctorates being based on academic merit differ from those awarded as an honor to celebrities and dignitaries. State your area of expertise. Every discipline (e.g., from Accounting to Zoology) is possible.

Reality only rewards actions. Procrastination is Your enemy. It deprives You of a better life.
Get Your Honorary Doctorate by acting TODAY. This is the opportunity to strengthen Your social status and, at the same time, contribute to a worthy cause.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If You have further questions send e-mail 

FYSI  may grant an Honorary Doctor's Degree to the largely neglected self-taught scientists. To researchers, inventors, discoverers, writers, innovators. To all those who went beyond "formal" studies and chose a free, independent path preferring to think and act "out of the box".

This is
Your chance to boost Your Image!

This is "a dream come true"

You will get your ready to frame diploma by registered air mail. It will not be necessary to attend a ceremony or to make a speech.

Best of all: Your Honorary Degree originates from a legitimate, renowned, nonprofit, educational and research establishment and it is based on true merit, on knowledge in a field !

FYSI  uses this program to raise funds for research projects, information campaigns and consumer protection activities.

FYSI  maintains a complete and permanent record on each Honorary Doctor and responds promptly to requests for validation when authorized by YOU, the legal holder of the honorary doctorate.

Your name, if you consent, may also be published on FYSI's Register of Recipients of Honorary Degrees.

We feel that all worthy people potentially deserve an honorary degree, not just the rich and famous.

Please, read our POLICY and FAQ pages by clicking the links below.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have further questions send e-mail 

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How to reach FYSI

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