"From us to us"

In an ongoing effort towards better health, we offer our members organic extra virgin olive oil. We get it directly from the producers, test it in our own laboratories and make available only to members of FYSI. It is our intention to do the same with other types of basic foods. We started with olive because of its many benefits for good health.

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Health is something taken for granted and often ignored. Thus, health is noticed more when absent.

Health is a prerequisite for life, for freedom, in fact for everything. Thereby not said that it is more important than freedom. Life without freedom is the worse form of torture imaginable. A person's mind troubled by ill health cannot function properly. Cannot solve problems efficiently, if at all.

Our health is very much like a bank account. You take out what you put in. At times -and to a certain degree- we can get a "loan" from the "bank" but, sooner or later, we surely will repay it. It is inescapable.

Taking constant care of one's health is the foundation of all else. That right and duty is entirely ours and we should not ever allow anyone else act in our name and on our behalf in this matter. Especially not any form of government. For power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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