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Laboratory for Free Studies and Research

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Honorary Doctorates - How to become an Honorary Doctor - How to obtain an Honorary Doctor's degree

FYSI Free Laboratory may grant an Honorary Doctor's Degree
to those who qualify.

  • Do you offer any other degrees apart from honorary doctorates? -Yes. We offer both honorary and earned diplomas in Philosophy, Arts and Natural Sciences. The recipient has to present an original thesis, possibly evidence about any original publications and/or research and/or undergo testing or provide proof of such testing by specialists subject to FYSI's approval.
  • Is FYSI Free Laboratory accredited? -This is only applicable to universities in the United States of America.  FYSI Free Laboratory does not claim to have anyone's approval or recognition and has no intention of seeking such approval or recognition. Knowledge is not a religion that has priests. It is the inherent, inalienable and indefeasible right of every person and no government or body can take it upon themselves to restrict or confine it. The same applies to one's right to have an opinion. FYSI Free Laboratory by conferring a degree, a diploma or a commendation simply exercises the right to express its opinion about the receiver and any third party has the free choice of agreeing or disagreeing with said opinion.
  • What is the legal status of FYSI? -FYSI is an international non-profit educational, research and consumer protection society.
  • What kind of research is FYSI doing? FYSI engages in research that can be of benefit to consumers. There are ongoing research projects on the following issues: Habit forming drugs, motorcycle helmets, antibiotics, detection of counterfeit money, forgeries and food toxins and also philosophy, psychology, ecology.


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